The sachet is a flat three- or four-layer pack made of multilayer polymer films or combined materials. The term comes from the French word sachet (pouch). Due to the water-proof and high barrier qualities of the materials used in production, sachet keeps the product in excellent condition and protects it during the stated shelf life.

This type of package is good for a wide range of bulk, liquid, jelly, creamy and paste-like products: cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, household chemicals, etc.
Innova MVA500 forms, fills and seals 4 side seal flat sachets for liquids, powders, granulates and pasty product, depending on additional accessories. Provided with a 500mm reel diameter, it is designed for medium and low production outputs which require high quality sealing. Its system allows to pressurise the filling group area and the unwinder area separetely in order to avoid any entry of dust and pollution. It is driven by mechanical motion servo and provided with an industrial PC from B&R. It is very flexible in terms of format as it is capable to form a sachet with two different compartments already pre-cutted, different shapes and to change the sachet length through touch screen.
The Machines
-Wide range of products according to production needs
Robust construction, different series depending on the product to fill by
-applying the latest technologies according to the highest quality requirements
-High performance sealings even in technical films.
-Ergonomic design, easy access to the interior of the machine for production and maintenance purposes by optimizing the maneuravility
-Quality components manufactured by leading brands
-Transfers, pick & place, able to deliver secondary packaging, too.

Inv Pack concepts for machine design
User friendly
Easy to maintain
Top of mind brands components
Excellent interior access
Robust construction
High usability control panel
Adaptation to customer needs
Advantages of the Stickpack format Packaging innovation.

- Ideal for Mono-dose and new forms and shapes

- Easy to use.

- Saving raw material (film).

- Valid for powders, granulates, liquids, solids parts (pills, chocolate drops, candies)

- 2 full sides available for marketing purposes.

- Capacity up to 100ml of capacity.

- Shaped packs available

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