T Machine

Each container, tilted in horizontal position, is tested with a high voltage discharge (up to 40 KV) applied to its two ends. Not leaking containers are perfect isolators and allow the passage of a minimal current while the presence of a micro-crack generates an electric discharge with a high current passing through the conductive liquid. Two electrodes repeat the test twice in the containers allowing the detection of micro-holes in the range of micron even in liquids with low conductivity. The original and patented system to tilt in horizontal position the containers allows a very compact machine, easy to clean and maintain, with a simple size change free from adjustments. Repetitive results and easiness of setup, due mainly to a smart reduction of parameters and to integrated test devices of high voltage signals, allow an easy validation of the machine. Advanced Features Sizes wide range Ampoules and vials, from 9 up to 42,5 mm diameter and height up to 130 mm Inspection area 100% of containers performed by two electrodes for the tip of ampoules or the vials sealing Special features Set of calibrated resistors for periodical check Set of in-built connectors for automatic check of signals Aspirator for ozone evacuation Rotation of containers between the inspections Fast changeover 10 minutes without tools nor skilled personnel Electrodes are included in each size change for longer duration and to ensure precise position without adjustments. Pinned and coloured end of cables for no-mixing of electrodes CFR21/Part11 compliance User friendly HMI based on 12 touchscreen PC running on Windows Modular layout Stand alone layout with infeed/outfeed by trays or in line connection
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1700 x 1980 x 1400 mm
Weight: 380 Kg
Electrical / Power: 230V 10% 50/60 Hz 1 Ph 1,5 Kw
Machine speed: Up to 12.000 pcs/hr (small sizes)
Loading height: 950 25 mm
Containers types: Glass ampoules and vials
Acoustic noise: 75 dB
Container sizes: Ø9 ÷ Ø42,5 mm
Maximum containers height: 130 mm
Minimum conductivity of liquid: 2,5 ÷ 5 Siemens/cm
Minimum hole dimension: 1 ÷ 10 m

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